Junior Volunteer Opportunities

Navigators/Registration – 1st floor Kiosk registration and 2nd floor OPC clinic

  • assist patients registering for outpatient appointments at the Kiosk
  • greet and guide patients to their destination after registering
  • may include wheelchair transportation


Guest Services – Main Info desk and Pavilion Info desk

  • assist patients and visitors needing help in finding a dept. or a patient room
  • answer phones, greet the public
  • accompany Patient Care Ambassadors who visit and rounds on various units/floors
  • may include wheelchair transportation


Patient Visitor/Hospitality – OPC Clinic area, Tower Floors, Surgery Waiting Area

  • provides reading materials form our book cart
  • visiting with patients in patient rooms
  • visiting with family members in Surgery Waiting Area to create GET WELL cards
  • may include wheelchair transportation


Patient Care – Tower floors, Women Services, E-3

  • assist nursing staff with all patients, families and guest through visitation
  • provide patients with reading materials, blankets, water
  • answer phones, red light calls from patients, fold blankets, stock supply room
  • may include wheelchair transportation


Popcorn Greeters – Main hospital and Pavilion Lobby

  • operate popcorn carts “who can resist the smell of hot popcorn?!”
  • assist patients and visitors needing help in finding a dept. or a patient room they are seeking


Office Assistant/Clerical –

  • assist staff with general office work
  • answer phones, filing, and special projects


Neighborhood Clinics –

  • assist patients with filling out their electronic “MyChart”
  • support registration
  • greet patients
  • identify patient’s destination
  • manage patient flow
  • office assistant/clerical