Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in your county hospital and the proposed facilities improvements at JPS Health Network. The following questions have been posed by the community; we hope your question is addressed in these FAQs. Because of the volume of questions, they are categorized and addressed by topic.

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In order to provide the public with the most current, complete and accurate information regarding JPS and the proposed bond package, answers to the questions below may be more clear and specific than the answers provided orally at the town-hall meetings.


Question: How will the proposed bond package enhance services at JPS satellite locations?

Answer: The availability of care at the main campus supports the services offered at JPS’s 17 primary health centers and 20 school-based clinics throughout Tarrant County. Access to state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and procedure rooms at the main campus enables JPS to provide coordinated care for patients, wherever they seek treatment. A portion of the proposed bond package is planned to be invested in directly improving our clinic system.


Question: What percentage of the JPS operating budget is contributed by state and federal government? Does the federal government provide anything for debt service?

Answer: Approximately 40 percent of the annual JPS budget comes from local property taxes; another 40 percent comes from self-pay and insured patients, including Medicare and Medicaid. About 20 percent of the funds come from federal and state dollars. All of the revenue supports both operations and debt service.


Question: Why does JPS want to increase capacity for psychiatric services? What percentage of psychiatric patients are adolescents? Is it a large population? Is it growing?

Answer: In calendar year 2014, JPS transferred 1,390 patients to other psychiatric hospitals. All of these patients either had a payor or JPS had to pay for them at other facilities. This represents an estimated 9,549 patient days lost (approximately $7.1M in revenue) or the need for 26 additional inpatient psychiatric beds. Also in calendar year 2014, JPS had to decline 715 transfer requests for patients to come to JPS from other hospitals due to lack of capacity. This equates to a demand of 4,912 patient days or approximately 14 additional beds.  Demand is increased at JPS due to lack of capacity at the state hospital and continued population growth in Tarrant County, with no improvement anticipated.  The psychiatric emergency center is too small given the volumes; and combined emergency and observation creates unnecessary complications in care and observation.

In the United States, approximately 20% of youth ages 13 to 18 experience severe mental disorders in a given year.  The demand for adolescent psychiatric services is increasing proportionate to population growth in Tarrant County.


Question: Is there a preference or requirement to be a Fort Worth based company?

Answer: Specific to the proposed bond construction project, no RFQ or RFP requirements have been discussed or developed.  Generally, it is a positive for JPS to use Tarrant County businesses and such a preference may be stated in an RFP.


Question: What will be the recommended minority participation required for this proposed construction project?

Answer: No RFPs or other bid materials have been developed or discussed at this time for the proposed construction project.


Question: Is the vendor registration process for JPS Health Network the same one used by the county? If I’m already registered with Tarrant County, do I need to sign up again?

Answer: The vendor registration process for JPS is similar to that used by other governmental entities in Tarrant County, including the City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth school district. However, agencies do not share their lists. Companies wishing to do business with JPS Health Network will need to sign up at Under “Vendor Opportunities,” click on the “Supplier Diversity Program” link. Then click on the “ JPS Vendor Portal” link in the “Related Info Links” box on the right.


Question: Will the bond proposal have one project manager for each project component (new patient tower, psychiatric hospital and renovations) or multiple teams?

Answer: The delivery methodology and project management for the projects has not been determined.


Question: Will an RFP be issued for bond financial advisor?

Answer: JPS uses First Southwest as its financial advisors. There has been no discussion regarding an RFP for bond financial advisor services.


Question: Will JPS pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) status for the new projects?

Answer: JPS will continue to weigh the costs, benefits and other factors in pursuing LEED status for the new projects.


Question: Will potential vendors have access to key decision makers? Are there access portals?

Answer: The Board of Managers directed JPS to establish a protocol for how interested vendors can get timely, accurate and transparent information about the bond proposal in a manner that would eliminate any possibility of impropriety or favoritism. Bond sessions held in 2015 were the result of that protocol. Vendors may also submit email questions to


Question: Will JPS contacts accept invitations to meetings with potential vendors about the bond proposal?

Answer: Not during this process. Out of an abundance of caution to make sure everyone receives the same information, all conversations about the bond proposal will take place at the public vendor information sessions. Dates and times of future meetings are yet to be determined. Vendors may also submit email questions to


Question: Will there be food service opportunities in the proposed facility initiatives?

Answer: The new patient tower will include the ancillary services needed to support the care of patients, their families and JPS team members. It is anticipated easily accessible food services will be part of the new patient tower on the east side of Main Street.


Question: Is the space program available for review?

Answer: Due to the size, complexity and preliminary nature of the space planning documents, the space program is not posted on the JPS website.


Question: Is all the bond money to be used on the main campus?

Answer: The needs of the community and District will continue to be evaluated. Regardless, any bond money dedicated to physical improvements on the main campus will benefit and support the entire JPS Health Network.

  1. JPS needs to improve financial and operational performance at the main campus in order to conserve its resources so it can reinvest in its community health centers. The bond package will not deter or delay reinvestment in satellite locations, and performance improvement gained from the bond package is designed to allow JPS to continue to reinvest in its outpatient services.

  2. The availability of care at the main campus supports the services offered at JPS’s 17 primary health centers and 20 school-based clinics throughout Tarrant County. Access to state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and procedure rooms at the main campus enables JPS to provide coordinated care for patients, wherever they seek treatment.

  3. Level 1 Trauma and psychiatric emergency care are just a few of the services only available at the main campus, but serve the needs of people throughout our communities. These centralized services lessen burdens of other community resources such as law enforcement and paramedics.

  4. The proposed bond includes finds for improvement of our clinic system.