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Participation of Underserved Populations in Clinical Trials

  • Why was this study done?
    • Some researchers think that underserved populations (e.g. racial/ethnic minorities or socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals) do not want to participate in clinical trials.
    • We were interested in how many patients participated in and dropped out of clinical trials at safety-net institutions, which are the main source of care for underserved populations.
  • What did the study find?
    • Clinical trials at safety-net institutions generally had high participation, especially trials related to cancer.
    • Not many underserved participants dropped out of the trials.
  • What do the findings mean?
    • These findings go against the idea that underserved populations are unwilling to participate in clinical trials.
    • Safety-net institutions should more often be considered as sites for clinical trials as a way to reach underserved populations.
  • Details about this study can be found here.