Request Support

Our services are available to investigators within and outside the JPS Health Network who pursue clinical or population health research pertaining to vulnerable populations. Our staff cover all aspects of the research process from study design to reporting and dissemination. We strongly encourage investigators to consult us early in the research process, preferably during the study design phase.


  • Collaborate with investigators to prepare funding proposals or manuscripts for publication
  • Develop study design and data analysis plans for observational, quasi-experimental, and experimental studies, including sample size and power calculations
  • Develop and maintain research databases
  • Coordinate studies and manage data collection
  • Perform statistical analyses and guide the interpretation of results
  • Educate investigators on basic concepts of study design, data analysis, and interpretation

Request Process

  • To optimize our services and your chance of success, please consider the following general timelines when requesting support for preparing:
    • NIH grants: 3 – 4 months
    • Foundation grants: 1 – 2 months
    • Manuscripts based on secondary data analysis: 2 – 4 months depending on analytic complexity
    • Conference abstracts based on secondary data analysis: 1 month
  • Investigators should submit the following forms to
  • A study section including Center for Outcomes Research staff will review the request for feasibility, applicability to vulnerable populations, and priority.
  • Requests for support will be prioritized as follows:
    • P1: Development of funding proposals for investigator-initiated research including Center for Outcomes Research staff
    • P2: Analysis of investigator-initiated funded projects for manuscripts including Center for Outcomes Research staff
    • P3: Secondary data analysis for manuscripts
    • P4: All other requests
  • Center for Outcomes Research staff should be allocated appropriate percent effort on funding proposals.
  • Center for Outcomes Research staff who contribute to the design, analysis, or reporting of studies should be recognized as authors on manuscripts.