Faculty & Staff

Daniel Casey, MD

Program Director
Medical Degree: University of Missouri of Columbia
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital

Daniel Casey, MD, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Medicine and the John Peter Smith Family Medicine Residency, has been Program Director since 2005. Recently he has been involved in the P4 Initiative and Length of Training Pilot, which has led to innovations and improvements in the education of family medicine residencies. Clinical interests include rural medicine, hospital/critical care medicine, and bioethics. Dr. Casey, a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, enjoys spending time with his family, particularly coaching his three boys in football, basketball, and baseball.




Richard Young, MD

Associate Program Director, Director of Research
Medical Degree: University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital

I am a proud son of Fort Worth, Texas. I went to the University of Texas at Austin and worked as a chemical engineer for 2 years before going to medical school. My wife and I have been married for 31 years, we have 3 adult children, and we are enjoying our new lives as empty-nesters! I've been at JPS my whole post-residency career, though I worked in the JPS ER full time for 2 years and have worked in private ERs for a big chunk of my career. I wear many hats at JPS. I'm the associate program director, the research director, the recruiting director, and the biggest EBM geek on staff. I have a blog called American HealthScare and 25 of my posts have been re-posted on KevinMD.com. I wrote a book of the same name in 2012. This passion of mine is about trying to get people to realize how exorbitantly expensive U.S. healthcare is, how much waste there is, and the harmful effects of these excessive costs on our current economy and the futures of our children. I was named a CMS Innovation Advisor in 2013. I've had research abstracts accepted by the North American Primary Care Research Group every year for the last 11 years. When not doing the serious stuff, my escapes are golf and other outdoor activities, church activities, movies when the weather's bad, and wine with friends.

Why JPS? I have the privilege of working for the best family medicine residency in America, which is right in my hometown. The AAFP has published research showing that places with family physicians who provide the most comprehensive services enjoy the best care at the lowest cost. That's why I show up to work everyday, to train young family physicians to go to underserved areas and provide as wide a scope of practice as possible. The whole P4 and now ACGME Length of Training experiments we have been a part of have brought innovation and excellence to our program in ways we couldn't have imagined in 2007. I love hearing the residents' dreams of what they want to do with their careers and doing everything I can to support that. I start each day with the full knowledge that the young family physicians we train are exactly what America needs to achieve a brighter healthcare future. That feels really good.




Jason Brewington, MD

Interim Chair of Family Medicine
Medical Degree: Meharry Medical College
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital

Dr. Brewington is originally from Baxter, Tennessee and graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville in 2006. After completing his Family Medicine Residency at JPS in 2009, he stayed at JPS as faculty in the program. Currently he serves as a teaching attending for one of the inpatient Family Medicine teams, teaches endoscopy to the residents and is actively involved in short-term medical missions/global health. He met his wife, Italia, while on a mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico, and they now have 3 children. They are actively involved in their church, where he teaches a twice weekly Spanish-language Bible class.

Why JPS? Two main reasons: serving the underserved and teaching resident physicians to do the same.




Montserrat Abadie-Sole, MD

Maternal Child Health Faculty
Medical Degree: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras
Residency Training: St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Obstetric
Fellowship: University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I went to medical school in Honduras where I’m from. I completed my Family Medicine residency at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, Go Thunder! (I am a big basketball fan). I moved to Tulsa and did an OB Fellowship there and stayed as faculty for 6 years, then I came to Texas to the biggest family medicine program with an advanced obstetrical training track.

Why JPS? I enjoy working at JPS because it allows me to treat the Hispanic underserved population and do full spectrum Family medicine. And the residents are the best!




Vinu Alexander, MD

Maternal-Child Health Faculty
Medical Degree: Stanley Medical, Madras University
Residency Training: Corpus Christi Family Medicine Residency
Fellowship: Procedures in Family Medicine/Operative Obstetrics at Corpus Christi Family Medicine Residency

I am involved in surgical obstetrics and office gynecology procedure training for residents in the Maternal Child Health Area of Emphasis. I also have interests in ambulatory care management with procedures in Family Medicine, particularly OB/GYN ultrasound, ultrasound guided GYN procedures, non-scalpel vasectomies, complex skin excisional procedures, and LEEP procedures. Outside of JPS, I enjoy spending time with my wife and children.

Why JPS? It is a pilot program for the four year FM Residency with special interest to train rural and international family physicians to achieve advanced skills in these settings.




Alex Autry, DO

Sports Medicine, Inpatient Medicine Faculty
Medical Degree: University of North Texas Health Science Center – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency: John Peter Smith Hospital
Sports Medicine Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

Locally born, grown, and trained, Dr. Autry was born in Fort Worth, and he grew up just west of Fort Worth in the now greatly suburban rather than rural Aledo, Texas. He attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering prior to attending medical school. He had the opportunity to study at TCOM, and he was drawn by their commitment to primary care. Continued interest in primary care, and particularly in the breadth of practice an appropriately trained family physician can provide drew Dr. Autry to JPS for residency. After graduation he practiced at a critical access hospital in rural Colorado. Other responsibilities within that community included regular rounds at the local nursing home and providing coverage and consults for the local athletic community. When provided the opportunity to return to the mothership and teach, he jumped at the chance. Though his current practice has narrowed somewhat with his teaching responsibilities in the primary care sports medicine fellowship, he can on occasion still be found roaming the halls of the main hospital campus nurturing his inner nerd caring for general medical inpatients with our talented young resident physicians.

Why JPS? While still a medical student, I had no knowledge of the gem in my backyard. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to rotate outside the state at other family medicine programs that I understood the refreshing anachronism JPS represented. Its physicians, environment, and mission allowed for residents to build a foundation that prepared them to practice and prosper in whatever environment they desired. The biggest piece I found missing in private practice was the excitement and personal satisfaction I’d previously found in a teaching environment. Now I get to regularly interact with collegiate and high school athletes, perform a wide variety of image guided sports medicine and musculoskeletal procedures, and care for acutely ill patients in the hospital all the while enjoying the company and camaraderie of physicians early in their training. Why wouldn’t I want to be here?




Heather Autry, DO

Clinical Faculty
Medical Degree: University of North Texas Health Science Center – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency: John Peter Smith Hospital
Sports Medicine Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

I am a Colorado native (Go BRONCOS!) who has found herself at home in Fort Worth, TX. I first came to Fort Worth in medical school at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine where I met and married my husband Alex (he now teaches at our sports medicine fellowship). We both fell in love with the JPS version of the family doc and graduated from the family medicine residency (2011) and our sports medicine fellowship (2012) here at JPS. We practiced broad spectrum medicine in rural Colorado for several years and are now following our calling back to teaching medicine. We have 2 young kids who keep life exciting, challenging, and always full of laughs. What a blessing it is to be back.

Why JPS? There is just something special about JPS, the people that serve here every day, our wonderful residents, and our patients that you can’t find just anywhere. I am honored to be back at a program that was not only so important in my formative years, but a program that continues to push the envelope of family medicine and graduates top notch docs!




Kent Brantly, MD

Clinical Faculty
Medical Degree: Indiana University School of Medicine
Residency: John Peter Smith Hospital
Maternal Child Health Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I completed my bachelor's degree in Biblical Text from Abilene Christian University, in Abilene, TX, and then returned to Indiana for medical school. I met my incredible wife, Amber, during a short term mission trip to Honduras after college. We have two wonderful children, who keep us busy and keep us laughing. After residency, we moved to Liberia with Samaritan's Purse to practice full spectrum family medicine at a small mission hospital. When illness brought us back to the US unexpectedly, we came home to Texas, and back to JPS. We seek to be good stewards of the opportunities God gives us, whether it is traveling and preaching a message of compassion, or investing in the lives of JPS residents. We are glad to be here while we wait for whatever might be next.

Why JPS? There are so many reasons we chose JPS - from the hands-on procedural training, to the global health and maternal health opportunities, to the benefits of a large program where there is flexibility in shaping your training. JPS was the best place for me to train, and it is a blessing to be part of the clinical faculty here during this season.




Katherine Buck, PhD

Director of Behavioral Medicine
Doctorate of Philosophy, Clinical Health Psychology: East Carolina University
Residency Program: University of Colorado

I’m originally from eastern North Carolina and still call the Carolina beaches home. After graduate school at East Carolina University (M.S. - Marriage and Family Therapy, Ph.D. – Clinical Health Psychology), I headed to the mountains of Colorado for internship and fellowship training at the University of Colorado SOM in Denver. My fellowship training was in in primary care psychology and medical education, so the opportunity to become the director of behavioral medicine at JPS was a perfect fit! As an avid football fan, the move to Texas has been great! I have clinical interests in health and behavior change interventions in primary care, sleep medicine, and couples therapy. I am an active researcher and have interests in physician burnout and health, medical education, and sports medicine.

Why JPS? If I do something I’m all in on enthusiasm and excitement. JPS’s program presented me with great opportunities to teach behavioral medicine to family docs in fast-paced, fun, and creative ways!




Ricardo Castellon, MD

Director, Family Health Center
Medical Degree: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras
Residency Training: St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Originally from Honduras, where I went to med school at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras and met my wife. Together we came to the U.S. To pursue postgraduate training and trained in Family Medicine at Saint Anthony hospital in Oklahoma City. After a short time as a hospitalist, I worked for several years as assistant professor with the Family Medicine residency of the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa. My professional interests are resident education, care of undeserved populations, diseases of the skin and in-office procedures. Now a father of two, I enjoyed spending time off with my family, traveling, live music, wine and dining, playing and watching NBA basketball, and I'm an amateur photographer.

Why JPS? I joined JPS in 2014 wanting to be part of one of the top programs in the country.




Lisa Coles, MD

Clinical Faculty
Medical School: University of California, Davis
Residency Program: JPS

Born and raised in Southern California, I relocated to Texas for residency and remained here as faculty for a few years after finishing. My California itch called again and I made my way back west with my husband, stopping off to serve as faculty at St. Joseph’s Family Medicine program in Phoenix, AZ. There I served as the clerkship director for the fledgling Creighton School of Medicine-Phoenix campus program, helping new 3rd year students from Nebraska get acquainted with Family Medicine and the Phoenix weather. Not quite close enough to home, we moved further west where I worked for the Los Angeles V.A. system, serving our nations Veterans in Primary Care and acting as clinical teacher to NP and PA students from University of Southern California. While being home was nice, the birth of our son made us rethink our locale, and we decided to return to Fort Worth for the health (and sanity) of our family. Now you will find me in the Stop Six clinic, and serving again as Clerkship site director for UT Southwestern students. In our spare time we love to travel, find new adventures for our son, and work on our home here in Fort Worth.

Why JPS? We returned to JPS because of the diversity of opportunities for both faculty and residents here, as well as the collegial, family-like environment. A program of this size, with this many moving parts, allows faculty to focus on unique areas of interest within Family Medicine. If there is a desire, there is a probably a way to make it happen at JPS.




Robert Coles, MD

Director of Pediatric Education
Medical School: McGill University Faculty of Medicine, Montreal, Canada
Residency Program: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Pediatrics

After completing my residency, I spent 13 years at JPS teaching Pediatrics to the Family Medicine and Transitional residents. In 2011, I moved west to develop a Pediatric department in Phoenix and then into private practice in Beverly Hills. However, I returned to JPS in 2015 to resume my interest in the education of residents.

Why JPS? The opportunity to continue to help educate our future Family Physicians in the care of Pediatric patients has long been a passion of mine. The relationships I have formed here - my wife and closest friends are graduates of the program - and the contribution to physicians' practices and the care of children, has been very satisfying. The reach of JPS is broad and to have had a small role in the lives of residents and patients throughout the years is the reward.




Richard Fulkerson, MD

Medical Director of Utilization Management
Medical Degree: University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital
Geriatric Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

I was born and Raised in Fort Worth, Texas I got a degree in Chemistry at the University of Texas at Arlington. I met my future wife in a Chemistry Lab there. We got married while I was in medical school and amazingly she has put up with me ever since. Thirty years ago I came to JPS as a Family Medicine Intern and I liked it so much I never left! I am dual boarded in Family Medicine and in Geriatrics. I have three grown kids and a golden retriever. I love to teach. I am one of the core faculty in our Family Health Center. It truly is a privilege for me to teach our Residents, Fellows and students. While I have some knowledge and experience to pass along, the best thing about my job is not a day goes by that my Residents don’t teach me a thing or two!

I am a big baseball fan. Go Rangers! I read a lot. I have played way to many computer games. I travel every chance I get. I love the outdoors. But, mostly, I just like hanging out with my family and friends.

Why JPS? I believe that a Family Physician should be able to provide whatever services his community needs. The training you get at JPS will allow you to practice comfortably in any Community whether it’s in Zambia, rural Texas or New York City. How do I know? Because our graduates are doing it! If you are interested in full service Family Medicine there is no better place than JPS. It was true 30 years ago when I trained here and it’s true now. The patients here are amazing. We serve a very diverse population, including a large International community. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, come to JPS




John Gibson, MD

Director, Global Health Education
Medical Degree: Univ. of Texas Southwestern
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital

Dr. Gibson is the Director of Global Health Education at John Peter Smith Hospital Family Medicine Residency in Fort Worth Texas. He is also the Assistant Dean and director of Rural Medical Education at UNT Health Science Center. Dr. Gibson is a graduate of Texas A&M University and UT Southwestern Medical School. He completed his Family Medicine residency at JPS and then spent 20 years in Thailand as a medical missionary and was the founding director of the Thai Peoples Welfare Foundation which initiated numerous medical and development projects in rural northern Thailand and surrounding countries. Dr. Gibson continues active affiliations in Thailand through teaching and exchange programs with several medical schools and universities. Dr. Gibson is board certified in Family Medicine and holds certification in Tropical Medicine and Travel Health and helps conduct courses in International Medicine and public health with INMED and UNT as well.

Why JPS? I chose JPS for my training because it offered the best chance for me to be trained to be competent in the widest possible scope of medical practice. I chose to return to teach here for the same reason: to train young physicians to be the best generalist physicians for the world.




Lesca Hadley, MD

Director of Geriatrics
Medical Degree: Texas Tech College of Medicine in Lubbock
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital
Geriatric Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

My Texas roots run deep. My family is from west Texas, and I was raised on a farm near Cleburne, Texas. After graduating with a Biology degree from Abilene Christian University, I attended Texas Tech University for medical school. I completed my Family Medicine Residency training, and then my Geriatric Fellowship at JPS. Since 2005, I have served as the Geriatric Fellowship Program Director at JPS. I continue to practice full-scope Family Medicine by taking call with Maternal-Child Health faculty along with seeing patients in the outpatient, inpatient, home, and long-term care settings. In addition to Geriatrics, I have a passion for Refugee and Global Health. I have been blessed by caring for patients and teaching Family Medicine in numerous countries throughout the world. When away from work, I enjoy outdoor activities, especially horseback riding.

Why JPS? Nowhere else will you get the same breadth of training. JPS sets the standard.




Michele Kirk, MD

Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Director
Medical Degree: Texas Tech University Health Science Center
Residency Training: Texas Tech Pediatrics, Lubbock, Texas
Sports Medicine Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

I have worked at JPS for 12 years now, counting my sports medicine fellowship year. Our sports fellowship is the team doctor for about 15 high schools and 3 colleges, including TCU, in Tarrant County. We also work closely with our school-based clinics, and many other local sports groups. We get to take care of patients from 4 years old to 80 for a variety of musculoskeletal and sports medicine concerns. I love my job, and sometimes cannot believe that I am literally living out my dream when I go to work every day.

Why JPS? JPS provides the opportunity to focus on academic medicine and patient care, while at the same time allowing me to give back to the community.




Mark Koch, MD

Director of Family Medicine Endoscopy
Medical Degree: Univ. of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio
Residency Training: San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, Baytown, Texas

Dr. Koch has been teaching Family Medicine residents since 1995, and at JPS since 2000. He teaches mostly in the GI lab, but also spends weeks on the inpatient medicine teams. He is a regular lecturer at the Advanced Wilderness Life Support course at JPS. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at UT Southwestern. Dr. Koch has an active private and teaching practice and participates in research regarding colon cancer screening in Safety-Net Health Systems. He is a past chair, current member, and avid public speaker for the Tarrant County Board of the American Cancer Society.

Why JPS? I was recruited to come to JPS to teach endoscopy in 2000. It has been such a great fit that I am proud to have spent most of my career here.




Prusanna Kumar, MD

Director of Family Medicine Inpatient Service
Medical Degree: Kasturba Medical School in India, FRCS from Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital




Joe Martin, MD

Clinical Faculty
Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Residency Program: MCMERF Family Medicine Residency Program, Waco, Texas

I was raised as the oldest of 4 boys by an American (Okie, to be precise) father and a Brazilian mother. From an early age I was immersed in two cultures and found myself quickly experiencing others as my family and I moved throughout the Middle East and South America during my childhood. I learned to enjoy travel, learning other languages and valuing other cultures other than my own. Since finishing my residency in family medicine I met my wonderful wife, Tracy, who has kept me grounded and provided the perfect partner for our adventures. We have two great kids, Sebastiᾶo (14) and Isabella (11). Both were born in Texas but grew up in the Amazon region of Ecuador where we served in a small jungle hospital for 7 years as missionaries.

It was during our time in Ecuador that I became more involved in training medical students and residents and realized my love for teaching. My time on the mission field also broadened my skills. I learned ultrasound and endoscopy as well as tropical medicine and continued to admire the breadth of family medicine.

I enjoy traveling (especially to other countries with my family), studying history, running (not very fast!), cycling, hiking and cheering on my favorite teams – Steelers, Longhorns, Rangers, Cardinals, and the Celeçᾶo (Brazil’s national soccer team).

Why JPS? Having trained in Texas I’ve always known the quality of the residents and faculty attracted to the program and knew that I wanted to be a part of JPS’s culture along with the institution’s emphasis on caring for the needy and its emphasis on global health.




Jason Mogonye, MD

Assistant Program Director of Sports Medicine Fellowship
Medical Degree: Texas Tech University
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital
Sports Medicine Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

I was born and raised in Texas and love to be outside. Whether it's hunting, fishing, hiking or just sitting out on the porch with a cold drink, I enjoy the outdoors. Primary Care Sports Medicine is the perfect outlet for a physician who doesn't like to be confined by walls. Covering athletic events from bike races to rodeos, and the opportunity to cover college athletics at TCU, allows me the profession I love in the environment that I love. I also enjoy implementing and teaching musculoskeletal ultrasound in my practice. When I'm not working I like to cook (because I like to eat!) and spend time with my family.

Why JPS? I get the opportunity at JPS to provide first-rate medical care to a population of patients who wouldn't ordinarily have access to it.




Mark Nelson, MD

Director, International Health Center
Medical Degree: Baylor College of Medicine
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital

I am from Maracay, Venezuela, but attended medical school in Houston at Baylor College of Medicine. I have always had an interest in parasitology and tropical medicine so after completing a residency in family medicine (here at JPS) I eventually found my way to work at a rural hospital in the Amazon basin in Ecuador, as well as further studies in tropical medicine in Liverpool, UK. In Ecuador I practiced full-scope family medicine and taught family medicine to Ecuadorian residents and students. Prior to returning to JPS, I worked a year in Ghana. My wife is a pediatrician and together we have three college-aged kids.

Why JPS? I chose to return to JPS after almost 25 years away because of the Global Health program, the refugee population and to be able to teach family medicine residents




Bethany Norberg, MD

Clinical Faculty
Medical School: UT Southwestern Medical School
Residency Program: Madigan Army Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

I was born in Houston, TX and raised in Arlington, TX and stayed close to home for medical school in Dallas, TX. I was awarded the Health Professions Scholarship Program in medical school through the military and joined the US Army Reserves and transitioned to active duty in the US Army on completion of medical school. I completed my residency in Family Medicine at Ft Lewis, WA at Madigan Army Medical Center. Through my time in the military I was able to live in different areas of the United States and serve in several different capacities. After residency I was stationed in Ft Bliss, TX where I was a clinic director of a large clinic and served my country in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom providing concussion care to our soldiers who had been injured. After my time in El Paso, TX, I had the opportunity to go back to Ft Lewis, WA and complete a fellowship in endoscopy. I was then stationed at Ft Hood, TX where I had the pleasure of being core faculty for the Family Medicine residency program. I found that I love being involved with training residents as well as providing full scope Family Medicine care. At the end of my time in the military as I was trying to decide where in the country or world I wanted to settle down, I was ultimately drawn back towards family and friends. I now reside in Burleson, TX with my husband and 2 small kids. We love the flexibility of living close to a big city with lots of amenities while enjoying the slower pace of life near family in a smaller town.

Why JPS? I was drawn to JPS because it is the culmination of so many of my interests. I wanted to work somewhere that embraced full scope Family Medicine. In addition, I love being involved in residency training, helping to mold and teach the future Family Physicians who end up working both here in the United States as well as abroad. I enjoy being able to pursue endoscopy and training residents to become proficient in endoscopy. I was also drawn to the opportunity to serve an underserved population in our community. JPS provides me an ability to do all of these things in one place.




Bart Pate, MD

Director of Rural Track
Medical Degree: UTMB in Galveston
Residency Training: R.E. Thomson Hospital in El Paso

Texas born and raised in the West Texas towns of Sanderson and Alpine. Education at Sul Ross State University, the University of Texas (1964), UTMB in Galveston (1968). Residency in EL Paso then the US Army (Korea and William Beaumont Army Hospital in El Paso). I practiced full service Family Medicine in Alpine (1971 to 1990) with my Father – Country Doctor/Obstetrician and Surgeon, and my younger brother – a Parkland trained General Surgeon. My older brother is a Plastic Surgeon in El Paso. My mother was a Baylor trained CRNA. We were a very Rural West Texas Medical Family …. On the Border. Then in 1990 I came to JPS and have adapted to City Life. I work in the Family Medicine Clinic, the inpatient Medicine Service, the Geriatric Consult service and teaching our Students and Residents here at John Peter Smith Hospital. My job is to bring a little Country Medicine to the Metroplex. Que Dios le Bendiga!

Why JPS? Simply, because JPS was training doctors who would be able to go to rural areas – like West Texas – to provide full service Family Medicine to an underserved population. Family is still the most important part of Family Medicine. Just like West Texas, John Peter Smith is an underserved population that is up to the task of training really good Family docs. For this we are thankful every day. And they are blessed in return.




Ellisa Rausch, MD

Maternal Child Health Faculty
Medical Degree: East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine
Residency Training: Trident/Medical University of South Carolina

I grew up in East TN, and went west to the beaches of California for college at Westmont College. I then came back to East TN for med school at ETSU, where the focus is on primary care. I went to residency in Charleston, SC at MUSC. My first job was at Christ Community Health Services in Memphis, TN where I helped start a residency program from the ground up. It was there also that I learned Cesarean section skills and HIV care, essentially creating my own "fellowships." I worked at CCHS for 5 years before starting at JPS in 2015, as part of the MCH program as well as seeing patients at Healing Wings, the HIV clinic. I have interest in global health and overseas health care, and currently have been to 39 countries. I also love the outdoors and have been a wilderness and white water rafting guide in Colorado.

Why JPS? I get to teach the best residents, and in such a variety of skills, serving the patients who need it the most. They push me to be better every day and I love the challenge of the people and patients around me.




Matt Rios, MD

Clinical Faculty, Director of Palliative Care Services
Medical Degree: University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
Residency Training: John Peter Smith Hospital
Geriatric Fellowship: John Peter Smith Hospital

I trained at JPS Hospital, became board certified in Family Medicine. I then completed a Geriatric medicine fellowship and became boarded in Geriatric Medicine. I practiced at Baylor Senior health Network in Irving, Texas for several years then returned to JPS as a Family Medicine faculty member where I also served as a long term care director and preceptor in Geriatric medicine. I then took a board for Hospice and Palliative Medicine and I have served as a hospice director for about 15 years. For the last several years I have served as the Director of Palliative Care Services at JPS Hospital. I have in the last year completed a board in Wound Care and I plan to join the JPS wound care team soon.

Why JPS? There are many opportunities for professional development, serving the underserved, and lifelong learning. I also enjoy sharing the knowledge I have acquired with residents and fellows in training who are interested in my areas of expertise




Barbara Slee, MD

Clinical Faculty
Medical Degree: University of Iowa
Residency Training: Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana

I am married, a mother of 2 wonderful adult children, and grandmother of 2 as well. I was in private practice for 19 years before going into teaching full time and I love teaching. My career has taken an unexpected twist having become very involved in Clinical Informatics.

Why JPS? I had taught both residents and medical students throughout my time in private practice. It was the right time to go into full time teaching of resident and medical students.




Stephen Snell, MD

Clinical Faculty
Medical School: University of Tennessee College of Medicine
Residency Program: John Peter Smith
Maternal Child Health Fellowship: John Peter Smith

I am a native of West Tennessee and have spent a lot of my life near the banks of the Mississippi River. After finishing medical school, I completed my family medicine residency and fellowship in maternal-child health at JPS. Then I had the privilege of serving at a small rural hospital in northwest Zambia from 2013-2015 practicing full-scope family medicine. Upon returning to the States, I have been honored to be a part of this program once again, now as faculty. My personal interests include running, spending time with my wife and daughter, and being involved with my church.

Why JPS? I chose to do residency at JPS because I wanted to be equipped to practice full-spectrum family medicine in a low-resource setting. During my time in Zambia, I was thankful for this training almost on a daily basis. It is rewarding to be a part of training residents to go all over the country and all over the world to serve the underserved.




Levi Sundermeyer, MD

Director, Maternal Child Health
Medical Degree: University of Kansas
Residency Training: Scott Air Force Base/Saint Louis University-Belleville Family Medicine Residency
Obstetric Fellowship: Spokane, WA

I served for 10 years in the United States Air Force on active duty as a physician, finishing my time teaching at an Air Force residency. I continue to serve as a reserve flight surgeon. My obstetric fellowship allowed me to focus on women's healthcare and surgery as well as develop a passion for teaching! I feel that resident wellness and spiritual health are vital to their overall health.

Why JPS? JPS trains future family medicine specialists to be not only competent but confident in whatever style of practice they decide to pursue. In addition to didactic and hands-on training we emphasize resident wellness! We give the tools to be able to leave and practice Full spectrum family medicine, inpatient and outpatient, ICU work, global medicine, obstetrics, emergency room, the sky is really the limit! The flexibility, emphasis on inpatient medicine, and optional fourth-year really allows our residents to tailor their residency and get the training they need for their future practice.