Blassingame Named Nurse of the Year at 2018 Gold Stethoscope Awards

May 2nd, 2018

Leslie Haas, 2017 JPS Nurse of the Year, tearfully recounted the story of a soldier who was mortally wounded in a car accident Wednesday to illustrate the remarkable compassion of her successor, Intensive Care Unit RN Charis Blassingame.

The soldier was brought to JPS following the crash. When it became obvious that his wounds weren’t survivable, despite all her other responsibilities, Blassingame moved quickly to contact the military to make sure the veteran got a proper sendoff. Within hours, 30 soldiers arrived to keep vigil at their fellow soldier’s bedside, staying with him until the end.

Charis Blassingame and Wanda Peebles

“She’s one of the kindest, most caring and most humble nurses you’ll ever meet,” Haas said while revealing Blassingame is the Nurse of the Year for 2018. “She’s a tremendous resource to all the staff in the ICU.”

Blassingame dabbed tears from her eyes as she received the honor, too emotional to speak.

Critical Care RN DeBrah Jones was named Rookie of the Year at the ceremony and Anne Goodrich, Executive Director of Cardiovascular Services, was named Nurse Leader of the Year.

Chief Nursing Officer Wanda Peebles said more than 100 nurses were nominated this year for the Gold Stethoscope Award.

“This is the best group of nurses I have ever had the privilege of working with,” Peebles said, adding that they were a key component of providing exemplary patient care.

JPS President and CEO Robert Earley agreed with Peebles’ assessment of the nursing staff and thanked her for not asking him to be on the committee to select the winners.

“This is one of my favorite days,” Earley said. “It’s a celebration of some of the greatest people you could work with, ever. If I was on the committee and there were 100 nurses to consider, I would end up giving 200 awards away.”

Gold Stethoscope Award winners were: Devon Armstrong, Jana Baker, Elizabeth Bendall, Blassingame, Tabitha Carroll, Stephanie Caudle, Marti Chaney, Delinda Collins, Gabby Diaz, Xochilt Hernandez, Carole Holt, Anna Huston, Patricia Lyon, Seana McIntosh, Alice Monreal, Crystal Oakes, Walter Odero, Linda Pond and Caroline Tew.

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