Blood drive results

May 31st, 2017

JPS team members did it again, exceeding Carter BloodCare’s goal for the third blood drive of 2017, which was Friday on the main campus.

JPS blood donors “blew it out of the water,” said Judy Smith, donor recruitment consultant.

Carter BloodCare’s goal for Friday’s blood drive was 32 donors, but 42 team members signed in, including 30 who were able to donate whole blood. Whole blood can be separated into platelets, red blood cells and plasma, providing lifesaving blood and blood components to help as many as 97 people. Some JPS donors were “double red,” contributing two units of red blood cells in an automated process that extracts red blood cells while returning plasma and platelets. Red blood cells are needed by nearly all patients requiring transfusion.

The next blood drive at JPS will be July 20. Watch for sign-up on the intranet.

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