Excellence in Nursing

February 18th, 2015

Congratulations, JPS nurses Lori Muhr and Elisabeth Rodgers, D Magazine 2015 Excellence in Nursing award finalists. Finalists were honored at a dinner and awards presentation Tuesday night in Dallas.

Lori Muhr

Muhr is manager of Clinical Performance Improvement and coordinator of the sepsis project at JPS, which has integrated evidence-based best practices into the care of patients with sepsis, a systemic response to severe infection. A sepsis patient brought to JPS today is twice as likely to survive as in 2011, before the sepsis project got under way.

Elisabeth Rodgers

Rodgers is clinical coordinator of Fall Prevention at JPS, leading a multidisciplinary team of providers that has successfully implemented a system for identifying patients most likely to fall, elevating fall risk as a priority. On units where the system is in place, patients identified as at-risk are automatically assessed by a clinical pharmacist, who looks for drugs that may be aggravating factors, and are flagged for attention from Physical Therapy.

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