Excellence in Nursing

May 9th, 2017

Leslie Haas, RN, is 2017 Nurse of the Year at JPS Health Network, celebrated at the 2017 Excellence in Nursing Awards Ceremony along with this year’s winners of the Gold Stethoscope Award and Excellence in Nursing Leadership and Rookie of the Year awards.


Also honored during Friday’s ceremony were JPS’ DFW Great 100 Nurses, Daisy Award winners, recipients of the Willie B. Brown Nursing Scholarship Award, and graduates of the distance education program — team members who earn nursing degrees from the University of Texas Arlington or Tarrant County College while working full-time at JPS.


JPS Nurse of the Year

Leslie Haas, RN


Excellence in Nursing Leadership

Jeri Ames, RN


Rookie of the Year

Dontoya Branch, RN


Gold Stethoscope Award Winners

Adriana Martinez, RN

Adrienne Nicholls-Johnson, RN

Amanda Baker, RN

Ann Bates, RN

Brittney Tomlinson, RN

Consuelo Touchette, RN

Elizabeth Ramirez, RN

Heather Scroggins, RN

Kathleen Dahle, RN

Kathryn Johnston, RN

La’Tonya Foster, RN

Leslie Haas, RN

Lin Vanover, RN

Michael Halupa, RN

Nancy Burger, RN

Paige Stevens, RN

Sarah Dahle, RN

Tessa Mapes, RN

Thao Tran, RN

Tracy Sinclair, RN


DFW Great 100 Nurses

Melissa Cook, RN

Wanda Peebles, RN

Nancy Radtke, RN


2016 Daisy Award Winners

Jill Rueter, RN

Katrina Wilkins, RN

Noralina LaCour, RN

Berenice Sandoval, RN

Lisa Temple, RN

Audrey Law, RN

Marcus Barnes, RN

Daisha Lucio, RN

Carrie Hooten, RN

Tania Ayala, RN

Jenny Nguyen, RN

Alicia Coomes, RN


Willie B. Brown Scholarship

Princetta Green, LVN

Denise Spencer, LVN


Distance Education Graduates


Christine Bateson

Crystal Janda

Lisa Majerus


Marcy Bruton

Carrie Cates

Shannon Clements

Sylvie Djoumessi

Scott Flanigan

Rickey Kinney

Stormy Ross

Taylor Sample

Whitney Vanderzyl

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