Great save

September 15th, 2017

Sept. 15, 2017 — As the driver’s side window opened on a car that barreled up between the medical office buildings north of the hospital, Carolyn Walsh saw wide eyes and heard, “Please help.” Seeing a very pregnant woman in the back seat, Walsh smiled and said, “Oh, I see, you’re having a baby!” But the frightened driver shook his head and pleaded, “No, no. Bad. Help.”

Carolyn Walsh holding baby

Walsh, a former E.R. nurse now manager of Cardiovascular Services, was no sooner in the back seat than she realized two lives were in imminent danger. The woman was bleeding heavily and her abdomen was rock hard, an ominous sign in pregnancy.

Carolyn Walsh hugging patient

Though the driver spoke little English, Walsh was able to direct him to the Main Hospital. As she darted toward the entrance, the driver pleaded, “Don’t leave! Don’t leave!” Seconds later she was back with a wheelchair and a Tarrant County Hospital District Police officer to help the driver while she raced to OB Triage with his wife.

The pregnant woman, a native of Congo, disappeared behind O.R. doors. Walsh gathered her composure and returned to Cardiology not knowing that within 13 minutes, the baby would be rescued by emergency C-section and headed for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she would spend the next seven days. She was released Wednesday after a final visit from Walsh.

“I was praying and praying all the way down to the (Cardiology) clinic,” she recalled. “God is good …. The OB team was really on their game.”

Patricia Froggatt, clinical manager of OB Triage, said Walsh’s accurate assessment and quick response saved the baby’s life. “Had she done anything other than come directly to OB Triage, we probably would have lost the baby.” In the mother’s situation, “minutes count.”

“Quite a mission moment,” Froggatt said.

“She’s my surrogate grandbaby,” said Walsh as she held the tiny baby girl, named Majhelene. “Isn’t she just beautiful?”

Baby Majhelene

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