HealthCare Hero Paul Celestin

January 10th, 2017

Nominated for elevating quality in one of the most challenging healthcare environments, Paul Celestin, director of Correctional Health at JPS, has been named a 2017 HealthCare Hero by Fort Worth Business Press.

Paul Celestin The annual award recognizes excellence among area healthcare professionals, administrators and volunteers, who will be celebrated at a February 15 event at the Fort Worth Club.

Celestin leads a team of more than 120 nurses, physician assistants, emergency medical technicians, medication aides, therapists, social workers, dental assistants, phlebotomists and physicians who work in relative seclusion by necessity, partnering with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office to provide care for thousands of men and women incarcerated in four different facilities in Tarrant County.

As well as medical care for illness and injury, Correctional Health provides medical screenings for 35,000 inmates and communicable disease screening for every Sheriff’s Office employee working at the Tarrant County Correction Center, the Lon Evans Corrections Center, the Cold Springs Jail and the Green Bay Facility in North Fort Worth.

Correctional Health passed its most recent state inspection with zero deficiencies, prompting Assistant District Attorney Russ Friemel to declare them “unsung heroes,” adding that he would “put this correctional health program up against any in the state.”

Celestin also has championed innovations in the field of correctional health, partnering with JPS team members in Community Outreach and Women’s Services to develop a prenatal education program inside the jail, improving the odds of a healthy start in life for infants born to inmates.

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