A JPS Mother

May 12th, 2017

When Kathleen Dahle, RN, says JPS feels like family, she speaks more literally than most. She will celebrate Mother’s Day with fellow JPS team members — Sarah Dahle, RN, her daughter, and Matthew Dahle, RN, her son.

Dahle Nurses

Matthew Dahle, RN, Kathleen Dahle, RN, Sarah Dahle, RN

Kathleen Dahle is a psychiatric nurse at Trinity Springs Pavilion. Sarah Dahle, 30, is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. Matthew Dahle, 28, also works in the Patient Care Pavilion, a nurse on P4 Cardio Progressive Care.

“Our grandmother was a nurse, too,” says Sarah, who never considered any other profession. “I played nurse even when I was little.”

It was in nursing school that she acquired the academic knowledge required for practicing nursing. From her mother, she learned what it really means to be a nurse.

“I saw her hard work and her determination. I’m very proud of her,” said Sarah. “She taught me a lot about what it means to be a patient advocate. She taught me what it means to care for someone.”

Both Kathleen and Sarah Dahle were honored at the 2017 Excellence in Nursing Awards Ceremony on May 5, both recipients of the JPS Gold Stethoscope Award.

Matthew Dahle considered becoming a pharmacist, following in the footsteps of their pharmacist father, but gravitated to nursing, instead. His twin sister is also a nurse, working (for now) at another hospital in the area.

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