JPS Nurses Take Advantage of Opportunities to Better Themselves -- and Their Teams

May 3rd, 2018

Nurses are always learning something new.

Their never-ending education comes both on the job and in the classroom where they study the latest life-saving techniques that benefit their patients every day while also giving nurses a chance to advance their careers, said Carin Adams, Manager of the Nurse Residency Program at JPS.

Casie Wilson

“It’s important to support your team members in their educational goals because being a life-long learner is a part of nursing,” Adams said. “Helping our nurses pursue educational opportunities keeps our work force up to date and creates a healthy organization.”

JPS supports its nurses’ educational aspirations with benefits like tuition assistance and flexible scheduling to allow team members the time they need to take classes. It even offers the services of a career coach who helps team members map out their long-term personal goals and find their path to achieve them. Many nurses have taken advantage of those offerings to lift their careers to next level, advancing from being a licensed vocational nurse with a two-year associate’s degree to a baccalaureate degree or by advancing from being a registered nurse to add an acute care specialty, a physician’s assistant or to becoming a licensed nurse practitioner.

Tiffany Moss is an RN at JPS where she started working a year ago and has been in the nursing field for seven years overall. She said, with two young kids at home and a budget to consider, she chose to become an LVN before becoming an RN because it was more affordable than going for a bachelor’s degree immediately after high school. But she always planned to get her four-year degree eventually and then to set her sights on become a nurse practitioner.

“I’m grateful to get tuition reimbursement and support in continuing my education from JPS,” Moss said. “I would have continued my education one way or another. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it as quickly without the reimbursement program.”

Moss said student loans weren’t available to her during the summer term, so she would have had to wait until the fall to continue her education. She was able to use JPS tuition reimbursement money to pay for her summer classes and keep her momentum going.

Cassie Wilson has worked at JPS for 15 years as an LVN. She is in the nurse residency program at the health network and plans to graduate in July.

“I love working at JPS,” Wilson said. “I feel like I still learn things here every day. I don’t know if I would have had quite that experience anywhere else so I never felt the need to go anywhere else. I enjoy what I am doing now and I hope to work here my whole career.”

Wilson, who works the night shift, said balancing work and her education has been seamless – even if it is a lot of hard work.

“I really like working the night shift because I get to do a lot of direct patient care,” Wilson said. “Getting my education isn’t about moving on to a different job. I appreciate that JPS is trying to help everyone continue learning. I want to continue what I am doing, but I want to continue to learn and become more valuable at my job.”

Adams said JPS is all about teamwork. Helping nurses get their education is a great way to make sure the team is continually getting better.

“Our industry changes so rapidly, it’s a lot of work just to keep up with it,” Adams said. “But, when we support each other, we can make great things happen. That’s good for the team, it’s good for JPS and, most importantly, it’s good for the patients.”

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