Pardon Our Dust – How JPS’ Elevator Modernization Plan Works for Patients and Team Members

May 7th, 2019

As an elevator ages, technology changes and upgrades must be made to replace obsolete parts. This is modernization. The modernization process typically takes 12-16 weeks to complete and the elevators must be closed in order to make them better. That’s a reason why you’ll sometimes see signs saying certain JPS elevators are out of service. But the investment in time and the temporary inconvenience is well worth it over the long run.

Here’s what you need to know about elevator modernization.


Q: What does “modernization” mean when it comes to elevators?

A: Elevator modernization is the process of upgrading crucial parts of the elevator in order to allow it to handle new technology and have better performance.

The common industry term “modernization” is defined as an alternation affecting the elevator’s code status. Most significant alterations require the entire elevator system be brought up to the current code edition at the time of the change. Sometimes the difference between a simple repair and a comprehensive modernization can be a fine line. For example, a rewound hoist motor is a repair. A new hoist motor with the same characteristics is considered to be a replacement part. But a new hoist motor with new controls, features or functions is considered to be a modernization. When that new, better motor is added, the rest of the elevator must be updated as well.


Q: What is JPS’ plan to make sure all its elevators are modernized?

A: JPS retains a full service contract with Southwest Elevator to maintain and repair our elevators. Consistent elevator maintenance is critical to uninterrupted operations. Modernization is never finished. JPS elevators were first modernized years ago, and continue to be scheduled for improvements.


Q: How long does it take for an elevator to be modernized?

A: The length of time an elevator is out of service due to modernization depends on the type of drive configuration, the extent of the equipment being replaced and the number of floors involved. However, the work of most modernizations can be completed in four or five weeks – if all the required components and the crew are available.

This period can be compressed by working overtime, outside of core hours. The lead time for modernizations can be up to 12 months due to parts sourcing and crew scheduling constraints. For example, the modernization of elevators 22 and 23 in the Main Street garage will take 12-13 weeks per car, making the total project 43-45 weeks from start to finish.


Q: Who does the modernization work at JPS?

A: Elevator modernization work at JPS is handled by the same company we have contracted with to maintain and repair our elevators, Southwest Elevator.

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