Patient Safety Update

June 23rd, 2014

Measuring and scoring patient safety is a complex equation and does not tell the whole story of how healthcare institutions such as JPS Health Network improve patient care. Patient safety at JPS has benefited from major patient safety initiatives since 2011. Senior Vice President of Quality, Aubrie Augustus, reports that JPS has seen improvements in patient scores as reported to the Texas Department of State Health Services. 

JPS Health Network’s actual performance on the composite PSI 90 score, as reported to the State of Texas, was 1.87 in 2011. For 2012, it was 1.27. It seems unlikely that our score for the two years combined could possibly be 2.162 —significantly higher than either year alone. We monitor patient safety data diligently, but do not attempt to combine multiple years of data at random. The aggregation of two years of data masks any improvement and hides any potential issues there may be with the underlying analytical methodology, and certainly is of no benefit to our patients. Improving patient safety happens on the ground, on our floors of our hospital. 

We have undertaken a number of major patient safety initiatives since 2011, including five-year process improvement projects focused on sepsis and inpatient falls, and we are already seeing these efforts reflected in data collected more recently than 2011. The most recent update of respected Commonwealth Fund’s “Why Not the Best?” quality scorecard shows JPS’ PSI ratio of 1.94. When reviewing quality and patient safety indicators, it is important to understand some of the nuances of these comparisons, such as the patient population served by the organization. As Tarrant County’s safety net health care system, JPS’ score is slightly higher than Ben Taub’s 1.82 ratio and lower than Parkland’s 2.13. 

Our “Overall Quality Score” is 98.69 percent, which is higher than the 98.25 percent score reported in October 2013. We know we are on the right track.  


Patient Safety Update Screen Capture  

Screen capture from Commonwealth Funds "Why Not The Best?" quality scorecard from June 4, 2014.  

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