Patients say it best

May 3rd, 2017

What makes a JPS nurse special? Sometimes their patients say it best. As we celebrate Nurses Week, here’s what some of our patients have to say about the care provided by our 1,700 nurses.


Melody Bolo, RN, team leader in the Operating Room

Melody Bolo, RN, team leader in the Operating Room


Seth Clabaugh, RN

 “He made my wife feel important, not ‘just another patient.’ He made her feel like she mattered.”


Ronelyn Pisuena, RN, and Lisa Mashburn, RN

 “The incredible level of care they give is surpassed only by the compassion they share. JPS is blessed to have the entire ICU staff. What a team!”


Jason Hughes, RN

“He was awesome, timely, professional and compassionate to our family while caring for our father. He checked on us frequently and was able to answer our concerns with proficiency.”


Carol Myers, RN

“This hospital has wonderful nurses. I always get excellent care when I come here. You have been so kind, explaining everything to me. Thank you.”


David Olson, CRNA, and Melody Bolo, RN

“I’ve had 10-plus surgeries and lots of exposure to O.R. teams. This was by far the best. Every single one was patient, knowledgeable, persistent, helpful, courteous and professional.”


Vanessa Saling, RN, and Mandy Vandergriff, RN

“Exceptional under pressure, both of these nurses were professional and calm and gentle and never lost their smiles. I took pleasure in watching them take care of their patients. Great hospital.”


David Olson, CRNA, Operating Room

David Olson, CRNA, Operating Room


Caleb Guilford, RN

“He was phenomenal. Calmed our frazzled nerves. Great people skills and problem solving skills.”


Melissa Poole, RN

“From the moment she walked in we were set at ease. Her heart for her patients and knowledge of her field allows for a confidence at very scary times for her patients and their families.”


And about the nursing staff in the Emergency Room:

“I came in with what I thought was a stroke. Happy to see the teamwork of the ER employees. I was so proud of JPS E.R.”

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