Physician Leadership Program

December 2nd, 2016

Dr. Frank RosiniaShould doctors be at the table when hospital administrators are working through operational decisions? Common sense would say yes, but most doctors were never trained on the business side of healthcare. JPS and Texas Christian University are teaming up to change that in Fort Worth, launching a Physician Leadership Program for doctors at JPS Health Network.

“Absolutely, decisions that will ultimately impact patient care should be informed by physicians,” said Dr. Frank Rosinia, executive vice president and chief quality officer at JPS. “We need physicians in leadership roles. To fill that leadership role, you need to know things that you didn’t learn in medical school.”

JPS and TCU’s Neeley School of Business are launching the Physician Leadership Program in January, starting with an initial class of 15 doctors.

Dr. Tim NiacarisDr. Jocelyn ZeeMembers of the first class come from disparate specialties. Dr. Tim Niacaris is an orthopedic surgeon at JPS. Dr. Jocelyn Zee is a Family Medicine Residency graduate who works in the ICU. But they share something more important in common. “The attitude they bring …. I haven’t seen physicians this excited,” said Professor Mary Uhl-Bien, the BNSF Railway Endowed Professor of Leadership at TCU. “They’re excited, they’re engaged, they’re inquisitive. I think this is going to be fabulous.”

Courses will be taught on TCU’s Fort Worth campus, with physicians earning both continuing medical education credit and college credit toward a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Effective leadership in healthcare requires working knowledge in areas such as organizational behavior, financial data analysis, performance improvement, healthcare industry dynamics, adaptive leadership and emotional intelligence — traditionally the domain of business schools, not medical schools.

“Healthcare is changing, and physicians need to have a more active voice,” said Professor Uhl-Bien, who is developing curriculum customized for JPS.

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