Physicians of the Year

January 26th, 2017

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Physician Assistant Joel Hunt

Physician Assistant Joel Hunt and doctors Tim Niacaris and Frank Lonergan are Providers of the Year at JPS Health Network, recognized by the Medical Executive Committee for elevating quality of care and population health for the communities JPS serves.

Hunt, director of Care Connections, is a pioneer in street medicine, seeing patients in homeless camps, under bridges and in homeless shelters. As well as providing medical care, the Care Connections team works with area social service agencies to connect patients with services such as assisted housing, mental health care and rehabilitation, with a special focus on patients whose frequent emergency room visits could be avoided with management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma.

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Dr. Frank Lonergan

Hunt is Provider of the Year. Drs. Niacaris and Lonergan tied for Physician of the Year. Awards were presented by Medical Staff President Dr. Daniel Zieger at the Medical Executive Committee’s first meeting of 2017.

Like Hunt, Lonergan also works with vulnerable patients, caring for unsheltered Tarrant County residents at the Cypress Health Center on East Lancaster Avenue, where he is medical director. Ziegler also praised Lonergan for stepping up to serve as medical director of the Magnolia Health Center on the Main Campus, dedicated to serving the elderly.

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Dr. Tim Niacaris

Niacaris is a surgeon whose specialty is hands, performing some of the most intricate surgical procedures in orthopedics. Beyond his medical practice, Niacaris chairs a committee dedicated to elevating professional standards at JPS, instituting procedures for monitoring physician charting to ensure that it conforms to the highest accreditation and regulatory standards.

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