Sewing and Quilting Volunteers

March 8th, 2017

A nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Trisha Gilbert knows how much families appreciate the hand-made blankets, quilts and baby clothes that volunteers provide for JPS Health Network’s tiniest patients. So she joined them on Wednesday for Sewing and Quilting Volunteers Day, an annual sew-fest that fills the auditorium with veteran seamstresses.

JPS Volunteer Sewing DaySo did senior administrative assistant Charlie Cruz, who churned out tiny carrot-shaped baby warmers with matching carrot-topped caps.

They joined members of the Tarrant County Chapter of the Linus Project, who produced nearly 4,000 quilts last year, and members of Love Thy Baby, who last month alone produced more than 400 receiving blankets, baby clothes, booties and hats for babies at JPS in Fort Worth and Parkland in Dallas.

For some, it’s a family affair. Jan-Michael Souter’s parents, Janet and Michael Souter, are dedicated members of the Linus Project. Love Thy Baby includes Wanda Singer, mother of Diana Singer, director of Graduate Medical Education.

Mary Ann Dew, chapter coordinator for Linus, said her group has produced 48,000 quilts since getting started in 2001. About 40 women congregate twice a month, usually at Southcliff Baptist Church, their home base, to turn mostly donated fabric into one-of-a-kind items for young patients at 13 hospitals and social service agencies whose clients are in need. Among their recipients are refugees, “who come here with next to nothing,” she said.

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