A Social Worker’s Great Save

January 25th, 2018

If she wasn’t in the clinic, Magnolia Health Center’s most difficult patient had Social Worker Brittany Touchon on the phone nearly every day. Her tirades notorious, she hurled vicious insults and, on one occasion, her paperwork, right in Touchon’s face.

Brittany Touchon

Touchon never gave up. “There are reasons why she behaves the way she does,” including residual damage from a traumatic brain injury, multiple chronic conditions and limited mobility. “And she has no family whatsoever.”

After the woman missed a scheduled appointment, Touchon noticed she had not rescheduled and called to see if she could make that happen. She got no answer on multiple attempts, which was unusual because, “She usually answers me on the first ring.”

“That just didn’t sit well with me,” Touchon said. After a conversation with the woman’s physician, Touchon called police to request a welfare check. Officers found the woman unconscious on the floor of her apartment and determined she had been there for at least two days. Paramedics told Touchon the woman would not have survived much longer. The welfare check had saved her life.

After a lengthy hospitalization, the patient is now receiving care from the Home Visit Team at Magnolia.

 “Brittany’s actions exemplify what JPS is all about – providing excellent care to people no matter the circumstances,” said Will Callans, administrator of the Geriatric Service Line at JPS.

Touchon acknowledges some challenging moments with this patient. “She’s made me cry before. But I’ve learned from her, too,” she says. “It’s made me have a little tougher skin.”

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