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Center for Epidemiology and Healthcare Delivery Research

Research Priorities

Public hospital systems (often called “safety-net health systems”) are the primary source of care for socioeconomically marginalized populations. These populations experience health disparities and are under-represented in research. Given that CEHDR is embedded in a public hospital system, our investigators are uniquely positioned to generate and implement evidence for improving patient-important outcomes and care delivery for socioeconomically marginalized populations. We partner with clinicians, operational teams, health system leaders, and community organizations to conduct research that can:


Drive evidence-based clinical care and best practices across the continuum to improve outcomes and reduce unwarranted clinical variation in care


Assess and define the clinical services and capabilities we will provide to meet the needs of our communities


Gain a deep understanding of the populations we serve so we can support the overall health of our diverse communities


We currently address these priorities in three program areas: cancer, HIV, and substance use. Our population is disparately affected by these conditions, which increase morbidity and mortality while decreasing quality of life.


• 1.3 times higher cancer prevalence in our population than the general population


• 2.2 times higher HIV prevalence in our population than the general population

Substance Use

• 1.9 times higher prevalence of substance use and alcohol use disorders in our population than the general population