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Behind the Scenes of Patient Care

JPS Health Network, Behind the Scenes of Patient Care

At JPS Health Network, we build intentional relationships with our team members and patients to make healthcare feel hospitable. A system with branches and roots starts with a firm foundation. Many times, that foundation begins with the behind-the-scenes departments.

At JPS, many departments are not patient-facing, but they directly impact the network's ability to operate. Without the efforts of these teams, our clinical areas would lack efficiency.

The Supply Chain team plays a crucial part in patient care. They ensure that departments and clinics throughout the network are always stocked and ready to provide the best care for our patients. Their work is not just about equipping other teams but also about ensuring the network of their reliability.

"I can't emphasize how important it is to the team that each department gets the necessary supplies. The departments at JPS trust our team to provide them with the items they need to do their jobs," said Jorge Valencia, Supply Chain Manager.

Our clinical teams also depend on the people who maintain the safety of their equipment. The Clinical Engineering department applies its skills to healthcare technology to advance and support patient care. They work with doctors, nurses, and patients to provide a safe and efficient experience at JPS. Clinical Engineering is an umbrella term for many specialties, including biomedical engineering. Our Biomedical Equipment Specialists spend their days resolving emergent issues and ensuring each piece of equipment operates appropriately across JPS.

Gary Davis and Randy Valdez, Biomedical Equipment Specialists at JPS, have experienced the patient's perspective. Their motivation for doing their job well comes from being JPS patients themselves.

"I want the medical equipment to be maintained consistently. I have been a patient here, and I know how daunting that can be," said Davis. "My motivation is to ensure that those families feel safe. One day, it may be my family."

Valdez agrees, "My daughter was born here and needed to use the same equipment we work on regularly. As a parent, it's scary knowing that her well-being is left up to those machines. I work urgently to resolve issues that may be causing this kind of stress to other families. I often find myself taken back to that moment when my daughter was here. That is what motivates me."

The Clinical Engineering team does much more than just maintenance. These individuals serve the community with empathy and passion.

"I want the medical equipment to be maintained consistently. I have been a patient here, and I know how daunting that can be. My motivation is to ensure that those families feel safe. One day, it may be my family."

Similarly, our Nutritional Services department provides food services to the network and its patients. This team knows how essential it is to have a healthy meal, but even more, it understands the meaning of a hot meal and a smiling face. This department serves quality meals to patients with an equal focus on nutrients and taste.

"We are here to ensure that our patients are fed food they will like. More than that, though, we are here to ensure that our patients feel warm and welcome. We want them to feel safe advocating for themselves. Other departments trust that my team will kindle encouraging relationships with patients who may not have any visitors other than their healthcare team," said Bridget Armstrong, Patient Ambassador, Supervisor of Nutritional Services.

Our Nutritional Services team wants other departments to know they are there for them. From small things like calling nurses for patients to more significant things like delivering food outside of their scheduled times, this team is filled with empathetic individuals who want the best for the patients at JPS.

Another department playing a significant role behind the scenes is the Environmental Services team (EVS). The EVS department maintains the cleanliness of patient rooms, offices, and other areas of the network.

"We need to keep a clean hospital. Patients are sick, and we don't want them to get worse. Team members are busy, and we want them to be able to work. A clean environment is better for everyone, and the network depends on us to do that," said Debra Ray, EVS Housekeeper. “I feel proud knowing that the nurses, doctors, and patients on P5 rely on me and my team to keep the cycle moving."

The EVS team allows the rest of the network to complete their daily tasks in a safe place. Their effort and enthusiasm for their jobs directly affect our ability to provide healthcare to our patient population. The same enthusiastic attitude can be found in the department that literally keeps the lights on at JPS.

The Facilities department oversees electrical, plumbing, and HVAC building operations. The team is responsible for completing all repairs and preventative maintenance throughout the network.


"The network trusts the knowledge my team has about their specialties and the way the equipment works. When they call us, they know we will fix their problems," said Claude Zandjio Ndaczi, HVAC Technician. "All departments here rely on us to keep them and the patients comfortable. No one wants to be in a facility that has not been maintained, so my team is dedicated to allowing the network to continue operating."

Every department at JPS is dedicated to our patients is dedicated to our patients. Keeping patients safe, comfortable, and at the forefront of our priorities is a network-wide initiative. Each department has a passion for serving the people around it: patients, peers, and visitors. We rely on each other to accomplish our mission: transform healthcare delivery for Tarrant County.