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As Tarrant County’s community health network, JPS Health Network wants to make sure that all residents of our county have a medical home to keep them healthy. We understand that sometimes life throws curve balls. Many people experience a time in their life when the cost of medical care seems overwhelming. That’s why JPS provides a number of different assistance programs. By enrolling in the JPS Connection program, you and your family can see JPS doctors for regular check-ups, specialists for your specific health concerns, and even get your prescriptions filled at low cost.

As of October 2013, the federal Affordable Care Act provides health insurance for many people who could not afford it before. If you are eligible to sign up for insurance at work or under the Affordable Care Act ( and,) you should do so.

Click here for information about Affordable Care Act Plans.

If you have questions regarding the application process, required documents or membership benefits, contact JPS Enrollment and Eligibility at 817-702-1001, or send an e-mail to





JPS Health Network offers five JPS Connection programs for those who qualify:

  • JPS Connection I
    • Provide assistance to patients without health insurance and experiencing homelessness with an income level less than 21% of the federal poverty income level (FPIL).
  • JPS Connection II
    • Provide assistance to patients without health insurance with an income level below 100% FPIL.
  • JPS Connection III
    • Provide assistance to patients without health insurance with an income level between 101 -250% FPIL.
  • JPS Connection Supplemental to Medicare
    • Provide assistance to patients with Medicare Part A&B or a Medicare Plan contracted with JPS Health Network. Income level must be below 250% FPIL.
  • JPS Connection Supplemental to Insurance
    • Provide assistance to patients with a primary insurance plan contracted with JPS Health Network. Income level must be below 250% FPIL.

Get yourself and your family connected with regular medical care through JPS Connection. JPS Connection provides affordable access to healthcare with inexpensive co-pays for doctor appointments, specialized care and prescriptions. Protect your family’s health and finances by applying for JPS Connection today.


Membership Re-Enrollment

Like most memberships, JPS Connection expires each year and does not automatically renew. It is important to renew your membership a few weeks before the expiration date. Call 817-702-1001.


Member Responsibilities

You must provide true and accurate documentation. Misrepresentation of facts or providing fraudulent information is a crime punishable under state and federal law.

JPS Connection is the payor of last resort, meaning that if you are eligible for state, federal or pharmaceutical assistance programs, you need to seek that assistance first. A JPS Eligibility and Enrollment specialist can help you apply for the appropriate programs during your screening appointment.

As a JPS Connection member, it is your responsibility to notify the Eligibility & Enrollment department of any change in residence, household income, employment, family size or insurance coverage. Call 817-702-1001 to report changes to your status. Failure to do so will cause a suspension of membership benefits.

Your JPS Connection membership is only valid at JPS Health Network locations. Do not expect member benefits at other hospitals, health centers or physician offices.



If you qualify for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, you must sign up for insurance before you apply for JPS Connection. JPS can help you. If you need help applying for insurance, talk to an Eligibility and Enrollment specialist. Find an Eligibility and Enrollment specialist near you.

When you apply for JPS Connection, you will need to meet the basic minimum requirements and will and will need to know how much money you make. This includes income from your paycheck, your spouse's paycheck, child support payments, investments, assets, income from side jobs, and any income coming into the household.


JPS Connection Maximum Income Levels

2023 Federal Poverty Income Levels




Applying is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just use our simple three-step process to enroll.


  1. Fill out the application
  2. Gather your required documents
    • Picture ID for all applicants (Government Issued, School, and Work)
    • Birth Certificates for all child dependents
    • Shelter Letter, Approved Agency Residence Letter, or Valid Homeless Scan Card
    • Agency award letters (Food Stamps, TANF, Housing, CHIP/Medicaid, RSDI, SSI, etc.)
    • Completed Application (Incomplete applications are not be accepted)
    • Application signed and dated by applicant and spouse
    • Complete and sign form 4506C
    • Review, initial, and sign the Membership Responsibility Form
    • Homeowners, self-employed, or clients receiving Social Security must provide a current 30 day bank statement for all accounts.
    • Proof of Income for all household members (Paycheck Stubs, Award Letters, Financial Aid Refund, Self-Employment Forms, etc.)
  3. Submit application and documents



We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting online applications for the JPS Connection program.

You can begin the online process by clicking this link:

You will need your medical record number to complete your online application. If you do not know your medical record number, please contact us. If you receive an error message after submitting your online renewal, this unfortunately means that you are not eligible to apply online at this time. You can download a copy of our application in the section above titled Apply for JPS Connection.

Please contact us at 817-702-1001 if you have any questions or concerns.