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Duo of JPS-affiliated physicians named Fort Worth Healthcare Heroes

A pair of physicians who work at JPS Health Network have been named 2019 Healthcare Heroes by the Fort Worth Business Press.

Doctors Richard Teames, Director of Regional Anesthesia at JPS and chairman of its Pain Stewardship Committee, and David Capper, who can trace his ties to JPS back 30 years, were recognized by the publication as patient care leaders in the area.

Teams has been a pioneer in the effort to find alternate forms of pain management in order to reduce the number of opioid-based painkillers prescribed to patients while Capper focuses on palliative care and providing medical help to people without homes. Both physicians said they were humbled to receive the award, and that they felt being able to perform their jobs was an honor in itself.

Teames said it has been extremely rewarding over the past few months to see patients leave the hospital sooner after surgery and have easier recoveries because of revolutionary – yet safer – pain management methods.

“The award truly highlights the amazing work that we are doing here at JPS to lower our opioid use and improve pain management,” Teames said of the recognition. “It is an award for all of us because without the help and support from physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hospital administrators, and other staff we would not have been as successful at stemming the opioid epidemic here at JPS. It is truly an honor to be working with such amazing people.”

Capper, who serves as Department Chair and professor of Clinical Sciences at Texas Christian University and the University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine in addition to his JPS duties, said it’s his passion to find ways to more effectively deliver care to people in the community who need the help the most.

“I love what I get to do and to be able to work with patients and staff,” Capper said. “I feel blessed every day to be able to get up and do it.”

Teames was nominated for the award by Dr. Timothy Kremer, Chief Medical Officer at JPS.

“He has led the changes that will provide better pain control with less opiate administration for our patient population, which includes some of our community’s most vulnerable residents,” Kremer said of Teames in his nomination. “These changes are especially important as we try to address the opioid crisis that is capturing headlines every day in our country.”

Dr. Stuart Flynn, Founding Dean of the TCE and UNTHSC School of Medicine, nominated Capper.

“He has touched so many lives of physicians and patients, and always with an open heart,” Flynn said. “When excellent patient care, leadership in medicine and community service are discussed in Fort Worth, Dr. Capper’s name is the first to arise.”

The Health Care Heroes awards have been given out annually for the past 17 years. Flynn said the honor is designed to recognize people who are more dedicated to others than they are interested in advancing their careers.

“What makes these individuals stand out in not driven by their quality, such as their technical skills or their mastery of a procedure,” Flynn wrote. “Instead it is for the depth of their desire to help others and their dedication to improving the lives of patients.”