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Huyen Le, BS, RDMS, RVT, Radiology Quality Specialist

Huyen Le, BS, RDMS, RVT, Radiology Quality Specialist

Technically, Huyen Le’s first day at JPS was in November 1988 when he was born here.

Years later, as a diagnostic medical sonography student, he completed a rotation in the General Ultrasound Department, and was impressed with the culture at JPS. After graduating, he was offered a PRN or as needed position. In March 2017, not long after, became full time when a position opened up.

Le started as a sonographer and recently moved to an administrative role as a Radiology Quality Specialist, working to ensure the great work being done in Radiology is both safe for the patients and safe for team members.

“JPS has a colorful culture of diverse people that drew me to set a goal to one day work here. Compared to other places I’ve worked, JPS feels more like a family,” Le said. “It is nice to work with a team that shares stories, ambitions, good and bad days, rather than the usual ‘hi, how are you.’ ”

The people of JPS are a big part of what keeps him here, he said.

“Being able to say I work for JPS, a leader in healthcare, and Level I Trauma Center is a great feeling,” he said.

JPS has helped him learn and grow through opportunities such as personal and professional growth and development courses offered to team members.

“The leadership and management here have been super open and inviting for me to learn or present ideas for self-improvement,” Le said. “Learning from my team and my patients have also helped me grow into the person I am today.”