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JPS Health Network Earns an “A” Grade for Patient Safety from The Leapfrog Group

JPS Team Members celebrate with President and CEO Robert Earley at the news that JPS has earned an "A" grade from The Leapfrog Group
Rating for fall 2021 ranks JPS among the top hospitals in the United States, culminating years of work to improve patient outcomes and hospital efficacy

JPS Health Network team members celebrated the news that JPS has earned a coveted “A” rating for patient safety from The Leapfrog Group for fall 2021, a monumental achievement in the world of healthcare. This is the first time in its long history that JPS Health Network has earned an “A” grade, marking a high point in years of effort to improve patient care, safety, quality, and experience.

“Despite all the challenges of the pandemic and everything else that comes the way of a public hospital, the people of JPS have pushed forward the quality of care in Tarrant County,” said Robert Earley, President and CEO of JPS Health Network. “This grade represents the dedication 7,200 JPS team members have to improving healthcare in the community they serve. And we are so proud of that.”

The Leapfrog Group’s nationally-renowned Hospital Safety Grade evaluates hospitals nationwide on a variety of criteria representing overall performance in keeping patients safe from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections. The survey results are released every spring and fall.

The “A” grade denotes JPS as a national leader in improving the patient and family experience, improving the quality and outcomes of population health, and improving access to care.

Dr. G. Robert Stephenson, Vice President and Chief Quality Officer for JPS Health Network, wants JPS Team Members and the entire community to be aware of the significance of the “A” grade from Leapfrog.

“This is about as big a thing as you can get in the hospital world,” he said. “This has been a humongous effort by this team, and it shows we have matured tremendously as an organization.”

“This is about as big a thing as you can get in the hospital world.”

Dr. Stephenson noted that JPS is now achieving top-notch ratings for patients treated for heart failure, pulmonary issues, strokes, and sepsis, to name a few. He also pointed out the JPS “A” grade has emerged under the most difficult of circumstances for any hospital.

“The whole rating is seriously stacked against hospitals that take care of patients with poor social determinants of health... and that is the situation here all the time. When you’re taking care of a complex population, it’s much harder.”

Given those circumstances, the Leapfrog “A” grade represents a national affirmation that JPS Health Network is providing the highest level of patient care for residents of Tarrant County, due to the expertise, teamwork, and dedication of its entire staff.