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JPS Health Network Earns Maternal Level IV Re-Designation for Providing the Highest Quality of Care

JPS Health Network Earns Maternal Level IV

Many women often put their health on the back burner to care for others, so they don’t always seek the care they need. When you bring pregnancy into the equation, it can be a struggle for moms.

JPS Women & Infant Services see many struggles women face during pregnancy, especially with the high minority population. Being able to provide the best possible care for patients is their goal.

To continue to provide the best care for at-risk moms, JPS proves our commitment to quality care for patients through our recent re-designation as a Level IV Maternal Facility in Perinatal Care Region-E, which is the highest designation possible.

“This is the highest level of facility for maternal care in the state of Texas,” Roopina Sangha, MD, MPH, MBA, CPE, FACOG, Senior Physician Executive for Women and Infants Service Line and Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said. “It recognizes that we have the capacity to take care of the sickest moms and provide exceptional care to all. We also have referrals from facilities that need these services.”

Level IV Maternal Care facilities can provide comprehensive care for low-risk conditions to the most complicated pregnant and postpartum patients.

“Being a Level IV Maternal facility allows us to teach people about the different aspects of care that encompass the women giving birth to the future of our nation,” Pam Gessling Executive Director of Women’s Services, and Nursing Administration said. “If we can’t take care of the most vulnerable population, which is women and babies, and do it well, then it kind of sets us up for a lifetime of problems. So, I think it fits in with the mission of JPS.”

This achievement shows how well JPS works together in our multidisciplinary community because there are many departments that may come in contact with a mother during her visit.

“We have to have evidence-based policies and procedures that are planned across the district. We have a great partnership with our subspecialists, ICU, emergency departments, physicians, and our nursing team to plan care for these higher risk moms,” Jeri Ames, Maternal Program Manager said. “We depend on a lot of people. It’s not just about who takes care of moms. It is an integrated process, and I think our staff who comes here to take care of this population are very vested in serving this part of our community.”

The preparations for this designation were no easy feat. There were a rigorous process of surveys, chart audits, observations, and pre-data tracking. The achievement shows the hard work of everyone involved in the process.

“It is a testament to the expertise of our clinical teams and the quality of care processes we have in place to ensure positive outcomes for our moms and babies,” Dr. Sangha said. “We are always ready to take care of all our moms, including our most vulnerable ones, while providing them timely, effective, and the highest quality of care.”

The Level IV Maternal designation shows JPS is doing their part to care for at-risk women during their pregnancy. To contribute to the resources provided for women, donate today to help welcome babies with the supplies needed. JPS Foundation | NTX Giving Day (