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JPS Health Network Hosts 13th Annual Trauma Symposium

JPS Health Network 13th Annual Trauma Symposium

JPS Health Network is committed to providing opportunities for educating its staff. As a Level I Trauma Center and a teaching facility, it is essential to find ways to educate and provide innovative discussions to medical staff to ensure advancement. On Friday, October 27, the JPS trauma department hosted its 13th annual Trauma Symposium, which provided education on current trauma, critical care, and complex social concerns that affect care delivery.

"The Trauma Symposium entails discussion where we've found a lack of knowledge in our system," Dr. Raj Gandhi, Medical Director of Trauma Services, said. "When we performed our quality, process, and performance improvement assessments, we found that we may have an education gap. So, we keep track of those education gaps, and once we decide our educational priorities and what we need to cover, we go out and find speakers.”

 JPS Health Network 13th Annual Trauma Symposium
 JPS Trauma Symposium


At JPS, the well-being of patients is a top priority. Whether it's a scheduled appointment or a trauma incident, we are committed to providing the best quality care to ensure positive patient outcomes. Increasing education is essential to achieving this goal.

"For this particular symposium, there are a couple of different gaps we discovered," Dr. Gandhi said. “One is burn care because we do want to be a burn center. The other is pediatric care. We need to be prepared to provide care to patients, regardless of their age, in case of an emergency."

In the medical field, learning never stops. JPS ensures all staff has up-to-date education for quality care.

"Staying connected and finding new information is important for everyone, and that is what the Trauma Symposium is about," Dr. Gandhi said.