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Learning and Training are the Heart of JPS Health Network

Learning and Training

As the largest medical training institution in Fort Worth, learning and training are the heart of JPS Health Network. Ten academic residency programs and four fellowship programs exist at JPS to meet the healthcare needs of Tarrant County. The programs offered range from one to five years for residents, and one to two years for fellows.

“Residents are critical to our healthcare team and providing the best care for our patients and our community,” says Dr. Tricia Elliott, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research Affairs for JPS.

JPS residents and fellows receive training under the supervision of an attending physician, who has completed medical school, residency training, and is Board certified in their particular specialty. In addition, these physicians also receive lectures from nationally recognized leaders and actively participate in research and scholarly activity.

Prior to residency and fellowship, these physicians take on four years of rigorous preparation throughout medical school, with the hope to match into a program of their choice and begin the next phase of their career. The hard work doesn’t stop there.

Residents and fellows dedicate countless hours each week with one goal in mind – providing the best care for our patients and their community.

“In the emergency room, I get to be one of the first points of contact for anyone in the community who needs help – regardless of who they are or where they come from,” says Dr. Brooke Beck, DO, a current Emergency Medicine resident.

These physicians utilize the knowledge acquired from both their medical training and attending physicians to provide care for thousands of patients each year.

“Being a JPS resident means finding the right balance of leading and listening to serve our patients on some of their hardest days,” says Dr. Beck.

From training and learning to treating, these physicians can do it all.

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