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Making a Difference, Advanced Practice Provider Style

Advanced Practice Provider Week

Melissa De Hoyos is an Obstetrics and Gynecology Nurse Practitioner at JPS Health Center for Women who is committed to helping and educating the women of Tarrant County.

De Hoyos emphasizes educating patients on the importance of making decisions that influence their overall health and quality of life.

“I believe knowledge is power,” De Hoyos said. “In Women’s Health, I think of how I can educate and empower patients to create a new and better path for themselves.”

De Hoyos targets ways to help women understand their body, health, and day-to-day decisions on diet, activity levels, and how these can influence other things that happen in the body.

“A lot of times we think if we make one decision, it has no effect on anything else, but it’s like cause and effect,” De Hoyos said. “So, when patients have that realization because no one has ever told them this before, I love it. It feels like a gift to give them this information about their health and wellbeing, and I hope they use it to improve upon where they are.”

De Hoyos’ goal is to educate the JPS population so she can teach her patients, and they can share with their families.

“I feel like it’s an opportunity to encourage and develop the future because it’s like a ripple effect,” De Hoyos said. “This is our large pond here at JPS, and if we can influence and assist these patients, then it will benefit the rest of the community.”

The key to educating patients is creating a comfortable and trusting environment. De Hoyos said creating a judgement-free environment helps patients open up, which is a gateway to providing the best care.

“I always tell my patients that there are no wrong answers, and you can ask anything with no judgement,” De Hoyos said. “I want them to know I am here and their advocate, but I am only as good as the information they give me.”

To provide more information to her patients and improve their quality of health De Hoyos stepped into the student seat to fill a need. Previously, JPS didn’t have a uniquely specified Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Therapist, so she decided to get certified.

“There was a definite need,” De Hoyos said. “I could refer them to an outside provider or physical therapist, but it will not be affordable for patients. We weren’t able to find staff to do it, and we were trying to make headway, but it wasn’t working. I said, ‘I can do these courses. I’m a Nurse Practitioner, and while the whole class might be Physical Therapists, my certification allows me to take these courses too. I can fill that gap.’ ”