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Nurses Make the Difference

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On Friday, May 10, the Nursing team at JPS Health Network organized a special luncheon to honor their nurses' hard work and dedication. The event celebrated nurses' unwavering commitment to providing impactful care to patients. Nurses play a crucial role in a patient's healthcare journey, and these awards serve as appreciation for their relentless efforts in providing exceptional care.

The ceremony was held to celebrate the recipients of the Gold Stethoscope Award, which recognizes nurses who are dedicated to providing patients with exceptional clinical care and compassion. A committee chose 20 nurses as Gold Stethoscope Award recipients. Additionally, Nurse, Nurse Leader, and Rookie of the Year awards were presented during the ceremony.

Nurse of the Year: Ted Cross

Nurse Leader of the Year: Elisabeth Rodgers

Rookie of the Year: Riley Marschalk

 JPS Health Network, Golden Stethoscope Awards
Nurses Week, JPS Health Network, Golden Stethoscope Awards


2024 Gold Stethoscope Award Recipients

Danielle Lesell

Claire Stipek

Ted Cross

Shannon Taylor

Krissy Feinauer

Vanessa Swarts

Kimberlee Edwards

Charla Sabre

Dr. Carmen Goudeau

Sarah Mora

Virgie Aquitania

Val Smyre-Olson

Tracy Nicholson

Alexis Wells

Karen High

Margaret Bwakali

Grace Melton

Jennifer Perez

Elaine Spurlock

Patience Achebodt